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Ningbo University, situated in China, is a reputable institution that has endeavored to enhance educational efficiency by implementing an online class system.



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Education Needs in Society

Since the year 2000, there has been a focus on improving network courses and managing distance education to address the imbalance in educational resources. This initiative has resulted in the incorporation of online education technology into the school curriculum, giving rise to the development of our live streaming platform for classes.

Revise the Ningbo University website to include functionality for managing and accessing online courses, catering to three user roles: students, teachers, and system administrators.

Portals with multiple versions can meet the diverse needs of all users.

Cross-Platform Web Portals

Portals for students and teachers are crafted with both PC and mobile versions, enabling individuals to access online classes using various devices. Administrators, who are school officers, can oversee the management of the system.

Required New Features - Class Schedules

Facilitate convenient online checking, creation, and adjustment of schedules for both students and teachers.

Student Version
Check schedules for various dates, view the live stream of the ongoing class, and toggle notifications for upcoming classes on/off.
Teacher Version
Check schedules for different dates, stream or record live classes, and navigate to the dashboard to make schedule adjustments.

Required New Features - Live Stream Channel

Teachers have the option to record classes or go to the physical classroom to livestream, allowing students to access the lessons from any location. Students can engage in online discussions, take quizzes, pose their questions, and review class announcements.

Simultaneously, teachers have the right to manage streaming contents through their dashboard.

Live Streaming Dashboard for Teachers

Limited to PCs. Teachers can compose class introductions, generate quizzes, post announcements, engage in chat with students, answer students' questions, and control the recording function.

Subsequently, we enhanced dashboards for school administrators to oversee the management related to new features.

Administer Dashboard Updates

Multimedia Files Management
Supervise the storage of class recordings.
Streaming Equipment Management
Oversee the operation of recorders or cameras in each physical classroom.
System Information Version Management
Administer the academic term code along with its associated teacher, course, and student information.
Course Schedule Management
Administer details such as course names, frequency, streaming preferences, and other relevant information.
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