Streamline Westfield Insurance Processing System
How to integrate different insurance processing teams' software into one that can be used by all insurance processing teams together?

I joined for 6 weeks as a UI summer intern to rearchitect the Westfield insurance processing system. The design team consisted of myself, another UI designer, a product manager, and a developer team. We integrated several old systems into one, and added new system features.


The product manager proposed to integrate all Westfield internal systems into one because they want to make internal staff across teams to -

  • Simplify system management and reduce maintenance cost.
  • Streamline user flow and increase collaboration efficiency across different teams.
  • Unify database and improve data security.

The unified system follows following steps:

UI Tasks

Built new features:

  • Employee directory.
  • Receive and send notifications; Notification groups setting.
  • Help desk.

I am bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that prohibits me from disclosing the designs of the core submission system.

Employee Directory

Internal Notification System

Notification groups setting

Create new notification

Help Desk

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